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Intensities is a peer-reviewed online journal produced at
the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies
Cardiff University

ISSN 1471-5031

Website designed by Sara Gwenllian Jones
Intensities logo designed by Dean Murphy   


        Matt Hills    Sara Gwenllian Jones
(University of Wales, Cardiff)

Book reviews editor  
Rebecca Farley
(University of Wales, Cardiff)


International Editorial Advisory Board

Camille Bacon-Smith (independent) 
Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex) 
Rebecca Bell-Metereau
(Southwest Texas State University) 
Harry Benshoff
(University of North Texas)  
Will Brooker
(Richmond, the American International University in London) 
Brigid Cherry
(University of Stirling), 
Steve Chibnall
(De Montfort University)
 Nick Couldry (London School of Economics)
Kay Dickinson
(King Alfred's College, Winchester)
Alexander Doty (Lehigh University) 
Richard Dyer
(Warwick University) 
Jeremy Gilbert
(University of East London) 
Lawrence Grossberg
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 
Joan Hawkins
(Indiana University) 
Mark Jancovich
(Nottingham University) 
Edward James
(Reading University) 
Henry Jenkins
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Annette Kuhn (Lancaster University)
  David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University) 
P. David Marshall
(University of Queensland), 
Ilkka Mayra
(University of Tampere), 
Alan McKee
(University of Queensland), 
Eileen Meehan
(University of Arizona) 
Farah Mendlesohn
(Middlesex University) 
Toby Miller
(New York University) 
Lisa Parks
(University of California, Santa Barbara)
Roberta Pearson (Cardiff University) 
Constance Penley
(University of California, Santa Barbara) 
Tim Robins
(University of Glamorgan), 
Eric Schaefer
(Emerson College, Boston) 
Jeffrey Sconce
(University of Southern California)
Julian Stringer (Nottingham University) 
Greg Taylor
(Purchase College, State University of New York) 
J.P. Telotte
(Georgia Institute of Technology)  
John Tulloch
(Cardiff University) 
William Uricchio
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
Rhonda Wilcox
(Gordon College)



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